Ethiopia, land of challenges


With its strategic location on the Horn of Africa, between Sudan and Somalia, Ethiopia is a land of opportunities and challenges. For decades the country has been plagued by conflicts of a political and ethnic nature, in which religious competition is constantly present in the background. In early 2018, the Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn offered his resignation after he failed to get hold of the ongoing protests in his country. The new Prime Minister, Abiye Ahmed, is responsible for the assignment to reconcile the religious groups in his country, to build rapport with other countries in the region and to deal adequately with the influence of foreign powers.

Ethnic division

The reason for the growing turmoil in Ethiopia goes back to a decision by the Ethiopian government two years ago. He then announced that a piece of land in the Oromia region around the capital Addis Abeba would be vacated for an investment project. Among the Oromos, the population that lives in this region, this message provoked protest.

Although the Oromos, with about 34.5% the largest ethnic group in the Ethiopian ethnic patchwork, the administrative and military apparatus is in the hands of the Amhara and Tigreeans, who with only 26.9% and 6% respectively a minority of the population. The dissatisfaction with this unequal distribution strengthens the protest.

Religious divisions

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