Fast food boom in Ethiopia that grows


Fast food chains are multiplying in Ethiopia where the American Pizza Hut has opened its first restaurant for a month in a chic district of the capital Addis Ababa.

A franchise obtained by Michael Ghebru, from the company Belayab Food, which closed the contract with the American company Yum! which also holds the Kfc sign which will soon open stores to compete with the local Chicken Hut.

Ghebru has invested 5 million dollars (4.2 million euros) for 4 restaurants. For now, the products for the preparation of the dishes are imported, but the goal is to produce them locally, with positive effects for agriculture and local industries. The landing in Ethiopia of the Pizza Hut chain, which has about one hundred restaurants in Sub-Saharan Africa, bears witness to the development of the economy of this large African country of 94 million people, and its emerging middle class. The GDP this year will grow by 8.5%, according to the International Monetary Fund forecasts.

In Ethiopia, a nurse from a public hospital earns around € 120 a month, a university professor € 245. Here also 3 euros are an important figure for many and this can explain why these brands only arrive now. From Pizza Hut prices range from 4 to 12 euros for pizza, as reported by Le Figaro. In Addis Ababa, the African Union headquarters, the third largest city in the world by diplomats after New York and Geneva, it also has other pizza chains: Debonairs Pizza, opened two years ago, which has two more openings planned. These chains are also an opportunity for youth employment.

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