Why the best honey in the world comes from Ethiopia

Honey enjoys high cultural significance in Ethiopia. In many legends of the country, bees are buzzing around. Legendary is the taste of some varieties. For Gashaw Melese, there is no doubt that the best honey in the world is being […]

Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia will create a scientific committee for the Nile

Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia have agreed to create a scientific committee dedicated to the mega-dam built by Ethiopia on the Blue Nile, putting an end to months of deadlock in their discussions, announced Thursday an Ethiopian minister. The announcement comes […]

Fast food boom in Ethiopia that grows

Fast food chains are multiplying in Ethiopia where the American Pizza Hut has opened its first restaurant for a month in a chic district of the capital Addis Ababa. A franchise obtained by Michael Ghebru, from the company Belayab Food, […]

Exploring Ethiopia’s historic city of Gondar

In the 17th century, Gondar was once the capital of Ethiopia at the foot of the Simien Mountains. The graceful city quickly became an influential trading center, trading goods with both the rich parts of the country south of the […]

Ethiopia wants to do agritech with blockchain

Ethiopia , one of the poorest countries in Africa, focuses on blockchain . In particular, on the system set up by the startup Cardano , which launched its technology and its cryptocurrency Ada just last fall. Led by Charles Hoskinson  […]

Ethiopia, land of challenges

With its strategic location on the Horn of Africa, between Sudan and Somalia, Ethiopia is a land of opportunities and challenges. For decades the country has been plagued by conflicts of a political and ethnic nature, in which religious competition […]

Origin of coffee

As a cappuccino or espresso, scalded or filtered – coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world. But hardly anyone knows where he actually comes from. Searching for clues in the south of Ethiopia.Millions of people around […]

A lava pot in Ethiopia

On Earth, molten lava lakes that are both permanent and accessible can be counted on the fingers of one hand. This is the case of Erta Ale in Ethiopia. On our planet, few places allow to contemplate the liquid heart […]